Daiso Haul

  I have the joy of living by six Daisos, but I took the time to visit my particular favorite one in the Atlantic Square Mall (500 N Atlantic Blvd #115, Monterey Park, CA 91754). This one is usually choice when it comes to actual art supplies and not just stationery. My favorite just stationery ones have to be the one near East Los Angeles College (2205 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754) and the one in Westfield Santa Anita Mall (400 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007).
With today's purchase I spent $34 - including some drinks not pictured below. I found a lot more than I intended to!

 First, the pure stationery:
 This washi tape/sticker roll was too cute to pass up. I originally wanted to get all three designs they make but I thought that was pushing it. It really hit my love for Miroslav Sasek and Alain Gree as well as sweets!
 These bow page clips are obvious knock offs of Kate Spade's bow page clips (x). I could never get myself to pay the $12 for 12 paperclips because that was too many nor could I get myself to pay $1.75 plus shipping on etsy for a single one. So this was a good compromise! While four is still a bit much for me I think they are super adorable and go well with the ~cute~ bujo look. I look forward to using them to attach paper to paper.
 I am a sucker for stationery on stationery. I bought it without looking inside too much and was pleasantly surprised by the grey dot grid.
 This cat line that Daiso has put out lately calls to me. I saw a notebook that said 'Today's the day for loafing around' but this particular Daiso did not have it so I settled on these cute page tabs. I'll have to buy the notebook next time I see it, but I have no idea what to do with these page tabs or any page tabs I own anymore.

Art Supplies:
 These Zebra brush pens are part of my urge to stop by Daiso. I have hoped they would have all three and they did! They are very similar in looks, effect, and feeling to the Kuretake Hikkei pens (x) but at the half the price so I picked them all up.
 They all have a stiff to semi flexible nib that's great for line art with rhythm, lettering, and just doodling around.
 In terms of size it's black - largest (left) blue - smallest (middle) gray - medium (right) tip.
 My other purchases included a $1.50 Uni Jetstream (which are normally $2.95 if you go by yen), a Sailor Postila (a paint pen) which I'm guessing is their answer to the Uni Posca pens but considering I haven't played with those this is my excuse. The twin ended fluorescent markers I was hoping would be a brush tip similar to Tombow dual brush pens but that was not the case. The second package from left to right are oiliness markers which are 'great for writing names'! That charmed me, oddly, mostly because I thought of this scene in Ouran High School Host Club where Kasanoda writes Mori's name on his arm with sharpie instead of getting a tattoo. A stupid reason, but a fun, 1.0 mm pen!

 I think these pens will be used for anything but highlighting. There's no flexibility in the tips but there's great, even consistency. The .28 mm end is close to a typical felt tip while the chisel tip is very typical for a highlighter.
 The real reason I went to Daiso was to pick up this sketchbook:
Louie Del Carmen, a fantastic  illustrator, recommended it and the brush pens ages ago and I've been looking for it since. This location had them piled haphazardly in a corner which worked for me!
The paper is a pure white, and is pretty thin. I have no idea of the weight. Here's the sticker on the back for this one in particular:
This one I picked up because it's a B4 size and that's huge and hard to find. Here's the back as well so you can see what item number is is. The paper is off white, close to cream. 

I'll be swatching and using the products I bought over the next couple of days to do a review of the actual products, so look out for that soon!