Things That Look Like Stationery: Too Faced sketch marker eyeliner

I've been coming across items that are inspired by stationery or art supplies but isn't quite. The Too Faced sketch marker liquid eyeliner is one of them. From their website it says:

Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Eyeliner is an advanced liquid eyeliner inspired by Japanese Calligraphy Pens. Its formula acts as an artist's best drawing ink, created to be exceptionally smooth, vivid, waterproof and ideal for lining eyes.

This intrigued me as I've always felt I've had more control with a brush pen over a felt tip eyeliner. Ulta had a sale so I went for it! Here's a shot with the tip comparison against a Kuretake fudegokochi pen. As you can see on the left the Too Faced sketch marker as a longer tip which is eye-deal (heh) for lining eyes. The fudegokochi pen is stubbier but is still fantastic.

 I know makeup fans will hate me for this but I tried them on paper.
On paper my actual brush pens performed beautifully and were predictable which is a good thing. I struggled a little bit with the eyeliner as it was less predictable but it put down a lot of pigment quickly. From there I had to try lining my eyes.

Hey! Not bad for someone who can't do eyeliner. In fact, the sketch marker is definitely the easiest way I've ever done eyeliner. The thick to thin that the sketch marker took inspiration from the brush pens definitely help get into the tight spots on the eyelid and do sharp corners for my cat eye. I'll definitely be buying this again. You definitely need primer for the eye area though because without it'll wipe right off.

Here's a cute shot of the cap. I heart this little heart detail! And from this shot you can see the logo text vs the logo text on the Zebra brush marker. Inspired detail!