CW pencil enterprises

   I've been pretty busy and behind on my stationery shenanigans! So I'll start where a lot of people will: CW pencil enterprises. They recently moved irl to their new storefront but between now and then I had made my first purchase. I can't tell you how pleased I was that it came quickly and in a yellow package - my favorite color! I wish I had a picture of the packing tape as well. I'm a sucker for stationery print stationery.
Here's the front with adorable bakers twine.

Here's the back with yellow on yellow action.
As for the pencils themselves...
I bought quite a few futura pink pencils to give out to some of my friends in exchange for different pencils (Blackwing Lake Tahoe edition). I also bought a kitaboshi red n blue pencil, a Nataraj (?), a very thick tombow and I think some cutesy heart shaped pencils. They all gave me different experiences and I liked them all.
Here are some quick sketches I did immediately after:
I think the kitaboshi one is the most remarkable. It offers a different experience than my Prismacolor editing pencil as the barrel is smoother as is the drawing experience. It's a bigger point even when I use the same sharpener. I think I oddly prefer my Prismacolor editor still but that's not a slight to the kitaboshi.
I'll definitely have to order again from CW. (I'm surprised I ordered from them before Jetpens!) They offer enthusiasm and a great variety of pencils!