Daiso Haul Revisited!

(Wow, nobody mentioned that updating blogs takes effort...)

Here's swatches for all the things I bought at Daiso!

Since I've swatched these in August, most of the brush pens have gone streaky or have died with minimal effort. I'm not super surprised, given the price for each ($1.50), but the fact that it's Zebra is what throws me off. Zebra makes great products, but their regular, full price products tend to fair better! The Sailor Postila pens died very quickly after this swatch as well in all the colors I bought. The Uni Jetstream is true to form, and the best deal as they are found at about $1.95-
$3.00+ usually online (x). If you can find it at a Daiso, buy it!
The fountain pen in particular I'd put at a medium nib, it's quite wet.
The Daiso oilness name pen is too close to a Sharpie pen for it to be really remarkable. I just ended up bringing 2 or the 3 to work so I could label cardboard boxes without hesitation.

Both of these swatches are on the 255 sketchbook.

The paper is quite thin, and doesn't really take wet media at all. The Sharpie performed the worst (no surprises there) and it warped with a light amount of watercolor.
The 122 sketchbook has a paper that I could only call newsprint. 

It doesn't take much of anything. I do have a heavy hand, but I don't think pencil should really do that to a paper. But this is fairly typical of what newsprint just does; I can't really complain. If anything I enjoy this sketchbook more than the other one because of it's size. It's huge!! There's a lot of room to just move around it. That's both intimidating and freeing.
Of all the paper goods I bought, this one was the most fountain pen friendly:
which is a wonderful surprise! I love the cover quite a bit. I've been using this for animation/ vis dev theory, and the grey dot grid isn't dark enough to be overly noticeable. I'd buy this again for sure, but I haven't seen it in a Daiso in a while (I wonder why....)
Daiso is full of hits and misses, and I've bought some art supplies from them since the original post (lol), so I'll be uploading that when I can!