New Pen Day: Sailor Lecoule!

My nail color is this but I can't remember the exact shade. I can only remember that I wanted it to match the Sailor Lecoule in Rose Quartz.
Sweet pink on pink action. I waited and waited for months to decide to get this pen and it actually arrived at work and so I bought it as soon as I could in rose quartz. My photos and lack of photography ability doesn't do this justice.

I'll be honest. This lil gal has a stiff nib but BOY is it smooth. I can put down the tiniest of lines and she will deliver. I immediately had to put pink ink in as well. I'm still debating about picking up an ink from the Sailor line but for now this iroshizuku will do.
I am pretty happy with this purchase, and for all the fountain pens I own this is the first one that came with a proper gift box.
The only interesting thing to note is that this Sailor pen lacks any of the anchor logos on the cap or where they usually go - just super subtle text (pictured above) as well as the name of the model on the other side. It's also a pen on the smaller side, maybe almost a pocket pen.
This is my second Sailor with my first being a weird fude nib and I am VERY happy.