My Blackwing Collection!

With the new drop of Volume 10 I wanted to take a look at what I have so far.

 Turns out I have 7 of the 17 major release volumes and I don’t own a 602 at the moment, pony or not. Of the 7 volumes I had only sharpened 4 😅 for all my talk of being a user and not a collector I felt embarrassed. So here’s a photo of my whole collection minus my half box of 811 and my full box of 33 1/3, the volumes I didn’t sharpen (and then did!) and then two pony palominos — one skinny and one fat!

I sharpened these. I swear. 
The bottom pony THICC.

I really thought I had more. The earliest volume release I ever saw was the 1138; I didn’t pick it up because I was poor and in college and who paid $20+ for a box of pencils? (I’m always the sucker in this situation). Of all the ones I’m missing, I think that’s the one I would like the most due to it’s soft core.
I love the pearl and the mmx; the 602 and the volumes with the 602 core that I own it turns out I don’t like as much. The 16.2 one I absolutely abhor. Sorry Ada Lovelace, you just aren’t for me.

Since I’m using Blackwing a for sketching I prefer a smooth, dark line, so 33 1/3 is great for me (I love the tie in to records as well!). I do like the extra firm Natural pencil they just came out with, though, despite not apparently being fond of the 602. It’s different enough that I feel like I’m choosing it for a different drawing reason (detailing) but still puts down a smooth line. I might just have had bad experiences with the 602 volumes versus the regular 602, which I did remember having a problem with in the past.

Blackwings are a luxury pencil. I will always recommend that people own at least one because they’re great to write and draw with.  In terms of collecting Blackwings, I don’t view myself as a collector but a user. However I am about this close to halfway having a decent collection.

Ridiculously, I KNOW for a fact it would be more than $100 to buy all the singles necessary to finish    it up. I don’t know if it’s worth it to me, as someone who will definitely use them all up one day. I respect the Blackwing box and single collectors, though!

I’ll buy the volume 10 single when I can find it... and hopefully I’ll remember to sharpen it.


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