Even more Blackwings

Two weeks ago or so I posted my Blackwing collection. After the California earthquakes that happened this last week I decided to sort through my collection and band them up, so if they did fall in a group instead of singles it’d be easier to clean up.
So I found out I had a single volume 10001. It’s nice!

Four horsies (could have been horsies? Whatever) plus my gudetama pencil cap in the back.
The volume 10001 is labeled as firm, but I find it kind of soft. Nice in the hand and the finish looks pretty.
I got quite a few goodies in a trade with the very lovely Tina!

The TWA pencil is a stunner. As a pearl core, I love it! I feel like it goes really well with volume 73 in terms of aesthetics. Feels summery in looks but nice to sketch with.

Blackwing volumes 10: it’s an extra firm and it’s even more firm than the natural they released this year. I actually like how it looks and feels in the hand but it’s not an immediate favorite for me. I’ll have to play with it a little more before I get a firmer (heh) opinion.

Bonus find from my stats: horsey palomino forest choice! It feels good and it looks good but man it does not put down a dark line. It’s not really in the same graphite scale as the Blackwing line in my opinion, which is interesting. I know everyone says the graphite scale for Blackwing doesn’t really apply to anything else, but if I had the chance to try some of Palomino’s other offerings I would love to compare.

I’ll try to post more of what I find since I have to sort out my stationery collection as a whole because I bought my last fountain pen of 2019. A lot of my purchases have been piling up because instead of putting things in their home, I’ve been sticking them all on the same tabletop.  Oops.