December: Pencils versus Pens!

I realized the other day I do not remember the last time I finished a wood cased pencil, so this December I am going to measure how many pencils I can get through.
These are the pencils I am starting with - A bicolor Caran D'ache, a 33 1/3, and a volume 10 from Blackwings. They've all been started a while ago but due to my tendency to pick up whatever is closest to me nothing is close to being finished.

Since I am also a fountain pen sketcher I am limiting myself to one refill per pen this month as well.
These are pens that have been filled already, and I'll just finish off whatever is in there.
These are pens that are empty and can be filled during this challenge.

I'm hoping to finish at least a couple of pencils this season if I am productive enough at sketching :) I'll see in a couple of weeks.