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Document Organizer - Coral Grid

I think about my every day carry, or what's been shorted to EDC, a lot. Like everyday.

What's the most efficient kit to keep for sketching while being the lightest? What tools can replace three of the things I carry so everything in my bag weighs less? What if I decide I want to switch it up midway through the week?

Since I'm sketching and on the go and just living my life, man, I thought I would make a post in conjunction with my last one. But first I just want to show off the thing that started my EDC obsession:

The humble Yoobi document organizer. 

I was interested in this because it was cute and relatively cheap and I read a blog written by an adult that this product was great; however the top of mine shredded in like, four months, and I've been holding onto it for this long for who knows what. I don't think you can get the color I have anymore. I don't really know how this product survives children, which is what Yoobi aims this product at. I respect what they do though, but I am apparently super careless. However, when I first got it, it absolutely ruled because it carried a bunch of stuff and had a load of pockets.

Oh look I caught a sunbeam!
More pockets for more bananas

The next thing I tried out was the A4 size Lihit Lab bag organizer so I can tote around my laptop if need be.
The Lihit Lab bag is perfectly fine.

It's actually really cute.

 It's me that's wrong, because I want to carry more than two pens and maybe my makeup pouch. And maybe my wallet. Perhaps my fat hobonichi. I am not the most organized person, so when you put more than two receipts in this baby you notice it because it puffs out. I think if that potentially keeps you organized (and this definitely did when I carried it around) you should go for it. If I was a minimalist diva this would be my jam. In social settings it's odd to carry this kind of bag, but for work it was great!


My hobo is a chunky boy, I am not surprised it did not fit.
So my latest purchase was a couple of months ago. I had been drooling over the Galen Leather instagram with all of my stationery obsessed friends and decided to pull the trigger on the A5 Planner folio as a cover for my Hobonichi 2020, since my current 2019 does not fit.

My August set up!
I've been enjoying it as a complete sketch kit! I am more excited to use it completely come January when I can start my Hobonichi Cousin Avec in 2020, but since December hit and my hobonichi is just absolutely heavy, I'll be looking at the Dec 2019 overview now. There is something so satisfying about filling up every nook and cranny and everything being in it's *place*. I am debating on sticking my credit cards in the card slots so I won't carry my Traveler's Notebook (that I am using as a wallet), but I feel like I would miss using that, too, so this is the set up for now.

nice................. (Dec/Jan Set up)

And here's an overall shot of what's generally in my bag at any given time. I am really happy with my current set up! I think the only thing I'm really missing is headphones. I miss the ability to connect my UrbanEars to my phone, but alas. I can work on other aspects of my EDC any given moment.



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