Super 5

Here are the pens I received! Pretty standard design, and fairly lightweight. The nib itself feels heavier than the body of the pen.

I recently received Super 5 products to test out. They're aimed at artists for sketching and the ink is waterproof. I did a test as shown below:
I was pretty happy with how waterproof the ink is. The colors mixed really well together, too. All the choices are fairly desaturated which I think lends well for urban sketching. 

For sketching I was most interested in the rollerball and the 05 calligraphy nib as they added the most interest. during mark making. For writing I don't think any of the pens were very interesting for the price.

As for any tips I have for Super 5 -- don't ink up and forget it! I inked up all of my pens as an experiment and only the rollerball is still good to go. The pigment ink definitely blocks up the nib; I recommend only one pen with waterproof ink at a time. 

I'd buy and recommend the ink for sure! It's nice to have options besides black for waterproof ink for fountain pens. It really doesn't smudge once it dries and I am very happy with the consistency.



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